Price List

Effective June 01, 2018

FPI-1 General Purpose Thickness Indicator $4,195.00
FPI-2 Narrow Web Thickness Indicator $3,795.00
FPI-3 Film Thickness Indicator $3,895.00
FPI-5 Large Plate Thickness Indicator $4,995.00
FPI-6 Extra Large Plate Thickness Indicator $5,795.00
DPI-1VR Thermal Printer $795.00
FPI-X-PFS Pneumatic Lift Switch $395.00
DPI-1VRP-10 Thermal Paper (10 Rolls) $49.90
DPI-1VRP-50 Thermal Paper (50 Rolls) $189.90
DPI-1HSP-10 Paper (10 Rolls, Old Style Printer) $45.00
DPI-1HSR-5 Ribbons (5 Ribbons, Old Style Printer) $175.00
FPI-X Digital Micrometer Head (Replacement) $1,895.00
FPI-X Contact Point $69.90
FPI-X Anvil $450.00
FPI-1-ARM (Micrometer Arm) $1,500.00
FPI-X-GB (.110 Gauge Block) $79.90
DPI-1VRFS Foot switch (Printer Foot switch) $69.90
FPI-X-LC Lifting Cable (Lifting cable for micrometer head) $59.90
FPI-1CR (Crating Charge for FPI-1) $250.00
FPI-2CR (Crating Charge for FPI-2) $50.00
FPI-3CR (Crating Charge for FPI-3) $65.00
FPI-5CR (Crating Charge for FPI-5) $375.00
FPI-6CR (Crating Charge for FPI-6) $695.00

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