Welcome to the home of the “London Plate Gauge”.

The original London Digital Plate Gauge was first introduced to the Flexographic Platemaking Market in 1982. Since then, more than 1,000 of the “London Micrometers” have made their way into the marketplace. Quality and accuracy have been integral to our products from the first gauges produced 20 years ago to the current models. While the company name may have changed, the goal of constant improvement is still very much a part of our business.

Our Micrometers are designed to measure Photopolymer & Rubber Plates, any type or thickness of substrate up to 1/2 inch (12.7 MM), Steel Rule Dies, and have many other measurement uses. We have five basic models to choose from. The FPI-1 is a Micrometer that has a throat of 15 inches and a table that is 28 inches by 35 inches. The FPI-2 has a throat of 8 inches and a table that is 10 inches by 12 inches. The FPI-3 is the same as the FPI-2 Model except that it comes with a roller foot suitable for measuring film and other substrates. The FPI-5 has a throat of 25 inches and a table that is 45 inches by 60 inches. The FPI-6 is our newest model, it has the deep 25 inch throat and a very large table measuring 45 inches by 93 inches. All of our models have a base that is made with a scratch resistant acrylic material.

Recently we have had inquiries about the availability of Micrometers with larger table tops or tables in different configurations to meet the unique needs of some of our clients. We have answered that call by offering custom sizes (available up to 47 inches by 95 inches) and we also build table extensions which allow enlargements to accommodate any table size required. For example: if our client needs were to have a table area that was twenty feet by 45 inches, we could build a 45″ X 95″ Micrometer and then one table extension for each side of 45″ X 72 1/2″. We would be happy to assist our clients with any of their special needs.

Our Micrometers utilize the most accurate measuring heads on the market. The heads are set from our factory, measuring 1/10,000th of an inch but they also can be set to measure up to 5/100,000ths of an inch or fifty microns. In metric mode the heads can be set to 1/1000th of a millimeter. Either setting offers our clients an unsurpassed level of measurement accuracy. Our Micrometers do not damage the plate surface. The measuring foot we use exerts 1.5N or less, which is the equivalent of 16.96 grams of force per square inch. Even the finest type or other isolated dots will not be crushed and accurate results will still be achieved. For this reason, plate manufacturers have been recommending our products for over 15 years.

The London Plate Gauge is proudly manufactured and sold in Canada and is exported to countries all over the world including:

* The United States
* Mexico
* Brazil
* Columbia
* Germany
* United Kingdom
* Japan

* Please note: dimensions of our products are stated in inches and feet. All our products will display and record measurements in either metric or imperial measurements using the client selectable mode button.

We also offer a printer with standard footswitch which can be added to any of our models. This allows the client to record the measurement results on a permanent basis. The printer automatically records the time and date on the printout and all selected points on the plate. Activating the data button will produce and record information such as thickness variation per color or plate, average and mean measurement, and other statistics vital to quality assurance. Our Micrometers use an absolute glass scale linear encoder so that when the client zeroes their Micrometer, the zero point will not change until the client changes it. This means that the micrometer can be used to measure the floor of the plate or the cap of the plate. The micrometer can be programmed for a specific height (for example, .067″) and for a range of tolerances so that each measurement taken will either register a red light or green light on the head display.

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